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"After studying coverage, I made the decision to fill out an online quote. Best decision I ever made! I am now paying half what most of my friends pay for their insurance."
      Jason S.
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"I found a rate that was significantly cheaper than what I'm paying right now. Thank you for helping me find affordable insurance with almost no hassle to me!"
      Scott S.
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"Instead of wasting hours looking through different websites, I came here and in about 5 minutes filled out an online quote. In no time at all, I had several quotes to compare!"
      Grant C.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to your Questions

I haven't had any claims, why does my insurance continue to go up every year?

For many people, it would be great if insurance premiums were always entirely dependent on claims history. Unfortunately claims history is only one of the many factors that determine insurance premiums. Another huge contributing factor is the quantity and size of claims that have been paid out by your insurance company to others in your area. If the area you live in becomes higher risk to your carrier, premiums will increase for everyone.

Why is insurance so expensive where I live?

Insurance premiums are calculated based on a variety of different factors, one of the largest being the calculated risk in your area. For example, homeowner insurance in Houston, Texas is very expensive due to the fact that hurricanes frequently sweep through the area causing damage. Also, automobile insurance in New Jersey is extremely expensive because of the high number of accidents and claims.

What are the determinants in the price for my home insurance?

There are many factors that get taken into account when a company is determining your home insurance premium. The factors that have the biggest impact are location, your personal claims history, the claims history of those who live around you, the age of your home, proximity to fire hydrants and a fire station, central burglar/fire alarm, amount of coverage requested, the policy type requested, your credit score, quality of construction materials used in the home, and what type of deductible you choose.

What are the determinants in the price for my auto insurance?

There are many factors that get taken into account when a company is determining your car insurance premium. The factors that have the biggest impact are the garage location, your personal claims history, claims history of those in your area, the age of your vehicles, liability vs. "full coverage" policy, amount of coverage requested, your credit score, whether or not you own a home, and your age.

I am getting a quote with a fantastic price, but it's a company I have never heard of. Should I be worried?

There are many great insurance companies that do not advertise on TV, and thus aren't as well known as companies like Allstate or State Farm. The best way to learn about an insurance company is to research it through A.M. Best. A.M. Best is the largest insurance rating company in the nation, and contains information about all of the best and biggest companies. If you don't want to go through the trouble of researching a company yourself, send us an email and we will look it up for you and get back to you within 72 hours with our findings!

What happens when I submit a quote online?

When you fill out a quote online, the quote information gets sent to several of the best insurance companies in your area. These companies then compete for your business, ensuring that you get the best quotes at the best prices!

What are the benefits of filling out an online quote?

The two largest benefits are time and money. What would have taken you hours of searching with each and every company to find the best price now takes only a few minutes to fill out a quote. Any time you have companies competing for your business, you know you are getting the best prices the market has to offer.

If someone hits my car and it's their fault, will my insurance premium go up?

If you are involved in an accident of any kind (at-fault or not-at-fault), most likely your insurance premium will go up at renewal. If any type of claim appears on your record, it will be counted against you, even if it's a ./faq.cgi payout. Obviously a ./faq.cgi not-at-fault claim is much better than an at-fault claim, but both could raise your premium at renewal.

If someone is driving my car with my permission, and has their own insurance, which insurance company will pay if he gets in an accident, mine or his?

Your insurance company will pay, even if your friend has his own insurance. This will go on your record, but will not affect your insurance premium unless your friend is a listed driver on your policy.

Questions not in the FAQ?

Have a question? We'd love to hear it! Send us an email and we will respond within 72 hours with our answer. If your question is one that others might be interested in, it may even make the "Frequently Asked Questions" page!

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